About this blog

photo by Matthias Rhomberg
photo by Matthias Rhomberg

In 2012 I began the journey that Diane Morrow has outlined on her site “One Year of Writing and Healing”. I went as far as month 4 and became distracted on my journey. Months went by and catching up was no longer an option I was willing to choose.

So here we are at the beginning of a new year and I have decided to hop back onto the path, back on the journey from the beginning. I have decided to not do every single option she suggests, and I won’t do them in full sometimes as I want this to be organic to where I am and what I need, instead of it feeling like a homework assignment.

This blog is intended as a space to take the journey openly and share the process. My only hope in using this public format, is that you embark on your own journey.

You can do so by:
Writing your entries in the comments of my posts
Creating your own blog
Creating Art
All of the above
Anything that calls to you
Visit “One Year of Writing and Healing” to view prompts for the year.

P.S. You will find typos and grammatical errors. I may correct some, I may not.


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