About Me


Example of a fat, vegan, feminist, Xicana, barrio bruxa.

I ebb and flow in my ability to feel deep connection and compassion as well as intense frustration and disconnection. In between is the sweet spot. When I’m not vacillating between awe and anger, I can be found wandering the bookstore or the internet, contemplating life, and talking with the moon.

I tingle and feel most energized with spiritual connection and insight, you know, those moments when the matrix is revealed and I can laugh at my own human-ness and be amazed by yours.

I love the moon and it’s phases, crystals, herbal alchemy, deep existential conversations, curanderismo, creativity, and lying on the couch.

By trade I am a therapist intern for youth and families. By nature I am a self-indulgent artists.

I am a fat, vegan, feminist, Xicana, barrio bruxa.