January: A Shopping Spree


Let’s suspend disbelief again. If $5,000 were handed to you tomorrow to spend towards your healing, what would you do?

Write about how you would spend the $5,000  in any format (create a list, detailed sentences, identifying importance, etc.). BONUS! After writing, did you realize that you need more than $5,000? Write about that.

Original prompt: http://writingandhealing.org/2006/09/02/writing_idea_5_

If I were given $5,000 for healing (self-care), I would go on a road trip where I stay in locations where I can write and create art, alone or with others. I am needing to see places I have never seen before, and I am needing the energy of these places for inspiration. Simply having time away is enough for me right now, however being able to travel, by car, train, plane, is something I am craving. I would also spend some time visiting friends, and familiar places that carry strong memories. I think its basically a road trip travel journal endeavor. And yes, I would probably need more money to pay for gas, lodging, and food. I want this to be limitless.